FBI releases plans to monitor social networks



gummy bears / 61 seconds

Before and After pictures of microwaving everything. Awesome use of photosets.


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  • one He’ll likely propose reforming taxes, ending the Bush tax cuts and raising taxes for the wealthy.
  • two He’ll likely make another push for the “Buffett Rule,” which would set a minimum tax rate for the super-rich.
  • three More tax breaks for big business, in an effort to encourage them to…


During the Apple Fourth Quarter Results Conference Call, Steve Jobs made a rather curious redirection:

Audience question: Any updates on your stance on Flash?

Jobs: Flash memory? We love flash memory.

The gentleman that asked that question was obviously referring to Adobe Flash, which Steve…


I did two interviews last week related to FRG:

AV Club Madison

Thank you, Anna and Joyce, for great, thoughtful questions!

Since I mentioned in the AV Club article, you may also be pleased to know that Feminist Ryan Gosling is going to be a book.

I’ll provide more…